Measures for the reduction of COVID SARS-CoV2 infection during guided tours.


· The guide will inform customers about the prevention and hygiene measures to be taken during the tour.

· The guide will inform customers on how the visit will take place, on the itinerary to follow and on possible restrictions, limitations and modifications in the service to prevent infections.

The number of participants for each group and guide is subject to the provisions of the Covid legislation of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and to the provisions established by each monument.

· Those forms of greeting that involve physical contact with the customer will be avoided.

· If possible, the safety distance (2 m) will be respected.

· The guide will disinfect his/her badge of tour guide and will wear it in a visible place.

· If the guide shows any symptoms of illness, even if of a mild nature, he/she will refrain from providing the guide service.

· The guide will always wear the mask and ask customers to do the same.

· The guide will disinfect all electronic devices that will be used to carry out the visit or will use disposable devices.

We will avoid handing over printed documentation to customers. If this is not possible, this documentation will be easy to clean and disinfect or disposable.


· The guide will always give an image of peace of mind and confidence in the application of this protocol.

· If necessary, during the visit the guide will remind the customer of the fulfillment of the measures of this protocol.

· As far as possible, the guide will avoid those areas where gatherings can be created or those spaces with limited capacity.

Stops for explanations on monuments will take place in open and / or large spaces, respecting the safety distance.

Before and after the visit and in cases where devices have been delivered, the guide will wash his hands with soap and water or, if this is not possible, with a hydroalcoholic solution.


· The used protective equipment will be properly disposed of.

· The use of cash for the payment of services will be avoided as far as possible. In the event that cash is handled, the guide will wash or disinfect his/her hands as quickly as possible.


· Those forms of greeting that involve physical contact with the customer will be avoided.