Seville, the magic of a city

About me

My name is Giusy Serraino and I am an official guide in Andalusia. I was born in Sicily and for 13 years I have been living in the beautiful Seville.  I am a tourist services technician and I have a degree in Foreign Languages. In 1994 I started my professional career working as a tourist courier in weekly and bi-weekly tours around Sicily and in the year 2000 I obtained the tourist guide license for the province of Palermo. After a period in which I taught English, in 2008 I arrived in this stunning city.

Foreign languages, art and history have always been my passion and thanks to my studies I also had the opportunity to delve into aspects connected to anthropology, the history of popular cultures, Islamic culture and ethnology.

My education in tourism and my professional experience in this field allow me to adapt to different kinds of guided tours, both for individuals or groups, as well as to the rhythms and the specific needs of each customer, by optimizing the time of the visit. As a member of APIT Sevilla (The Professional Association of Tourist Guides of Seville) I am supported by a team of professional guides who for over thirty years have offered their services to organizations, companies, tour operators, travel retailers, agencies, schools, universities, associations and individual clients.

It will be my pleasure to accompany you on a journey of discovery through this city whose culture, art, architecture and people I love... Seville is the city of colours, smells, tastes...a mixture of feelings to live to the fullest...

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